Trains, Planes, and Luxury Buses

According to The Dallas Morning News, as of 2009 the busiest long-distance commute in the country could be claimed by residents of Dallas traveling to Houston for work. Michael A. Lindenberger cited a study which showed almost 52,000 residents made the lengthy commute each day. Lindenberger wrote that commuters were growing tired of relying on air travel and had already been disappointed for years waiting on high-speed trains to be introduced to the area.

Enter Shofur, a luxury chauffeur transportation company offering a unique and technologically savvy solution for weary travelers. As of July 14, Shofur will offer commuter bus routes from Dallas to Houston aboard their luxury buses. According to their website, Shofur can provide WiFi, power outlets, reclining seats, and overhead storage. They also provide information about their drivers, travel apps, and they boast impressive 24/7/365 customer service. Says CEO Amir Harris, “We’ve developed a mobile app allowing customers to select their seat, track their bus in real-time, and view the location of their stop.”

As Teresa Gubbins stated in the Texas Traveler, Shofur plans to take an Uber-like approach to the motor-coach industry, a solution that is similar to a service offered by Vonlane… at less than half the cost.

Shannon McConnell