CollBox Launches Platform to Make Business Collections Simple

CollBox is the Dallas-based organization that is helping businesses to better address and collect past due accounts that won the grand prize at QuickBooks Connect Hackathon 2015 in November 2015.  Founders Cameron Desautels and Ed Luczycki of Collective Strategies, CollBox is a platform that connects businesses to the debt collector best suited to their needs.

This week CollBox announced the launch of the collections platform that allows businesses to assess and manage their past due accounts with customers and clients.

“As a business owner with non-paying customers, I was forced to add the role of debt collector to my resume.  After months of hassles I began to research the industry and found more questions than answers.  We started CollBox because it was the tool that I needed for my business,” Luczyski wrote in the press release announcing the launch.

Intended to help bridge the knowledge gap, CollBox allows businesses to outsource their accounts collection needs, while working with their existing accounting systems.  This creates an opportunity for simplicity and transparency in the collections process for businesses that may otherwise shy away from connecting with a collections agency.

Performing an online search for a collection agency to contract with is an overwhelming exercise.  There are thousands of options, and finding a reputable organization can be difficult.  CollBox intends to make the entire process an easier and more manageable by connecting the business with certified and vetted collection agencies.  CollBox allows businesses to worry about what is important–running their company, while allowing the bill collections professionals recover their funds.

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