Health Wildcatters Announces New HQ and Office Space

Danielle Abril of Front Burner Blog was the first to report on the news that Health Wildcatters is moving their HQ in order to build what they call a “Health Innovation Hub.”  Currently housed at Alto 211 with Tech Wildcatters, Health Wildcatters is ready to offer a new type of resource for the health startups that do not have access to everything they need in a single spot.

“From our region, it will mean we will have a resource center.  In healthcare, there isn’t a place for startups to move to where there’s all the resources,” Health Wildcatters CEO Hubert Zajicek told Abril.  Moving from Alto 211 to the entire 20th floor at Pacific Place Tower in downtown Dallas with more than 16,000 square feet of space.

Health Wildcatters and Tech Wildcatters share about 13,000 square feet of space over two floors at the current location.  This move also frees up space for Tech Wildcatters which is currently engaging in a new accelerator model with the introduction of The Gauntlet. Both Health and Tech Wildcatters have seen a great amount of success, Health Wildcatters has, in just four years, graduated 32 companies that have raised more than $12 million.  Their fourth class is still accepting applications for the 2016 session,

No longer will Health Wildcatters and Tech Wildcatters need to operate on each other’s off-season.  This allows Tech Wildcatters to offer The Gauntlet year round to participants and the new space will give Health Wildcatters the ability to give office space to program graduates and partners such as mentors and investors.  The new space will be the focal point for the 12-week accelerator program with spaces designed to be multi-functional in order to maximize value and offer flexibility.  Featuring open co-working spaces, there will also be locked offices that will offer a more secure setting for companies that are growing and need more, and private, space.

Harmony Tapper