Conversable Heralds In the Age of Conversational Commerce

Ben Lamm has launched a new company, Conversable, in Dallas offering an innovative enterprise conversation platform that offers intelligent, on-demand, automated responses through messaging channels.   The use of bots is becoming much more popular and Conversable allows users to engage in a conversational commerce platform.

This exciting new technology was created by Lamm, along with Andrew Busey, and has been in development for two years, finally going live with a deal with Wingstop.  The technology has been developed to work with major platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and SMS messages with Christopher Calnan from the Austin Business Journal reporting that there is the ability to expedite message requests, complaints, and product orders.  The opportunity for increased functionality as the technology grows and develops is limitless.

Fortune’s John Kell focused on the ability of Conversable to process an order paced with Wingstop, via Facebook Messenger and Twitter within a single minute.  This partnership, and the overall capability of Conversable, has just been announced this week, heralding in the era of conversational commerce.  While Wingstop has chosen to just use Facebook Messenger and Twitter, integration is possible across many applications including Amazon Echo and Slack.

Conversable has focused on three so-called core areas: conversational commerce, integrated customer service, and instant content creating the best all-around experience for the consumer.  Through a focus on conversational commerce it is possible for the user to just type out what it is exactly that they want, and then successfully receive it.  Integrated customer service offers the ability to resolve, automatically through a self-service system, common issues that arise resulting in a reduction in costs and the offering of better service. The focus on instant content allowed Conversable to focus on creating the interactive experiences that create more engagement and loyalty to the brand by offering on-demand access to data and information.


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