BigDNT: YouWorth

Have you ever had to negotiate for a salary? You probably have, and most of us find it to be a less than pleasant experience. After you walk out the door, you may find your mind swirling with questions like “Did I leave something on the table?”, or “Did I completely overshoot it?”. Dallas Start-up YouWorth seeks to alleviate those worries by offering a way to evaluate your market-value, and the market value of specific skill sets. Marc Dugger, the founder of YouWorth explains, by integrating with Linkedin, YouWorth is able to provide an educated estimate of your current market value, personalized to your specific job market, and geographic location.

“Think of it as Zillow for the global job market” Dugger says. Watch his pitch below:



Dugger mentions that Linkedin has 433 million members, and 25% are logging in regularly. So with roughly 108 million potential clients who seem to keep up with their online professional presence, there is a large market for YouWorth.

Dugger knows he is going up against some steep competition. With companies like Payso,, and Comprably in generally the same space, YouWorth has to set itself apart. With a fun and interactive mobile app available on both iPhone and Android, YouWorth shares charts and graphs explaining market value for your skills, and whether that value is increasing across the market, or declining with time. Look at historical trends in skill sets, and find ways to add value to yourself as an employee. See a skill you would like to master yourself? YouWorth offers you links to purchase related textbooks, or enroll in courses near you.

Visually, YouWorth looks a bit like a stock market app, and that is not just coincidence. Dugger noted that people tend to check their stock market apps more often than they actually buy, sell, or trade stocks, so there must be some pull to it. Many find it fun to watch charts of price changes or values over time, in real-time.

Like many mobile apps, YouWorth has a “freemium” business model, meaning the basic service is available for free to everyone, but the premium features are available at a subscription cost. Currently, the average revenue per user (on Android devices) is $17.98.

So far YouWorth has amassed nearly one thousand mobile users, and is expecting more rapid growth in the future.