BigDNT: Wing Ware

Wing Ware is a Dallas start up that is improving the safety and reliability of aircraft fueling equipment, by revolutionizing the maintenance records for the equipment. DNT heard from Kent Dial, the President and Founder of Wing Ware. Wing Ware is a software company offering solutions to keep airline upkeep accurate, and the records up to date.

The current way of keeping record of the maintenance is antiquated. Piles of papers, primarily filled out by hand, the margin for potential human error is large. Sometimes handwriting is sloppy, or illegible, or fields are unintentionally left blank. Another issue with the current situation, is that the current paper system is too slow to inform.

Problems with equipment are notated on paper, but there is not a way for those lifeless papers to create alerts for supervisors to see errors and potentially dangerous situations immediately. Jet Fuel QC does. Ken Dial has spent years in the commercial aviation industry and has seen the messy current system for himself, and that is what inspired him to create a tidy and reliable answer.

Enter Wing Ware’s new web application, Jet Fuel QC. Watch Dial pitch it below:

“Jet Fuel QC is a turn-key quality control web application for the commercial aviation industry” Dial says. “It monitors airport fueling equipment, and automates the record keeping for quality control activities and tracks operational readiness, all in real time”

“It is really crucial whenever you’re working on aircraft, that everything is documented daily.” Dial says “Because you have to be able to provide evidence of the work that was performed, on top of being able to show history of the actual inspection activity.”

Jet Fuel QC is also a mobile application, so managers and supervisors can see real-time updates of what is going on in their facility, even when they are not present in the airport.

Wing Ware launched Jet Fuel QC in January, and has already began being used and deployed in the Dallas Love Field Airport.