BigDNT: WhutzCookin

Have you ever searched for food delivery, and only returned results for pizza chains, or the occasional Chinese takeout? Do you suffer from a pizza overload? Just wish you could get anything delivered to your home that isn’t a pizza pie, with perhaps some sub-par wings? Monica Lockett, CEO and Founder of WhutzCookin seeks to provide a solution.

Their target market is “literally everyone who orders delivery” Lockett says. “Food delivery is a hot commodity”

Watch her pitch below:


The average individual spends about $900 on food delivery, every year. It looks like there will be plenty of room for WhutzCookin to get a little chunk of the market share in this space.

This is great news for those living in the suburbs where pizza is often the only delivery option. Lockett herself hails from Garland- a city with rich cultural foods, but often lacking delivery options for those unique restaurants. So, hungry suburbanites rejoice! This app is geared towards you.

WhutzCookin combines a subscription based model for the customers, and a commission based structure for restaurants and chefs. What sets WhutzCookin apart from other food delivery services, is their focus on the smaller businesses- the food trucks, personal chefs, and that local ‘greasy spoon’ you love. Although these businesses may not offer delivery services, WhutzCookin wants to bring them the ability to tap into a new market, and help consumers enjoy the food they love, regardless of how small the establishment is.

A great differentiating point between this and services like GrubHub, is that WhutzCookin does not charge the restaurant to be featured on their platform, allowing those smaller eateries to join that may not have the budget to market themselves through other online delivery services. This also means that specific dietary needs are being accommodated too, now that gluten-free bakery with your favorite brownies doesn’t need its own special trip, no matter how small the establishment, WhutzCookin can bring it right to your door.

Partnering with Postmates and Roadie, Lockett says WhutzCookin can deliver essentially anything to anyone.

Whutzcookin is scheduled to launch in July, be sure to check it out so you can see WhutzCookin near you!