BigDNT: Solugen

Gaurab Chakrabarti, CEO and Co-Founder of Solugen, wants to make hydrogen peroxide as ubiquitous as tap water for its clients. It may not be obvious how abundant the uses for H2O2 are, but it is used heavily in both the oxidative semi-conductor use, and as a pesticide. This is significant because hydrogen peroxide is the only organic pesticide approved by the EPA.

Currently, hydrogen peroxide is not widely used as a pesticide in the commercial farming, because it is roughly 30 times the cost of traditional pesticides, which contain many carcinogens. Solugen is able to price their ultra-pure H2O2, at much lower rates due to their unique and patented way of creating hydrogen peroxide.

Watch Chakrabarti better explain in his pitch below:


They engineer bio-catalysts to upgrade CO2 into high value chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide. Currently the H2O2 market is currently a 4-billion-dollar industry.  The ultra-pure market is a 4-million-dollar industry in the US alone, and it’s not done growing. The EPA is mandating that in 2018, that every plastics manufacturer switch to hydrogen peroxide in their processes.

Not only is Solugen’s “David” able to create hydrogen peroxide cheaply and effectively, but in a way that is far better for the environment.  One hydrogen peroxide plant a year explodes each year. Solugen offers a solution that not only offers a safer solution, but a far more cost-effective one as well.

Solugen has recently been accepted to Y combinator in June, but they have decided to postpone until next January, so they may focus on client acquisition first.