BigDNT: Robin

No more pain in the grass! Dallas based start-up Robin gives you the ability to put your lawn on “auto-pilot”. Co-founder Justin Crandall of Robin, spoke Tuesday night at Dallas New Tech, explaining his on-demand landscaping service that greatly simplifies your outdoor maintenance routine. Think of it as Uber for your lawn. Simply fill out a few questions online, and get an instant quote. Completely hassle-free, you choose your time for service, and can pay online.

Traditional lawn care solutions come with several hurdles, finding the right company, potential language barriers, being locked into long contracts, and having to pay with cash or check. Robin eliminates all those issues by matching you with a landscaping company for your specific needs, contract-free, with the ability to pay right from the site.


Robin operates with property tax data, and square footage to offer you a quote for lawn mowing remotely, but that’s is not the only service they offer. Robin also offers tree trimming, mulching, weeding, and more.

Not only is Robin great for property owners, it is great for small business too. Small landscaping crews that may not have an impactful online presence can reach customers through Robin, with absolutely zero marketing cost. This is great for that group of teenagers down the street that want to really want to work hard over the summer and make some extra money, or the more established landscaping company that hasn’t yet cultivated their online image.

With 40,000 jobs completed in the last year, it is hard to say they aren’t changing the industry. Robin boasts a high client retention too, with 92% of customers returning for a second lawn service, and 75% of clients sticking around for six or more services. Recurring service options offer the ability to really “auto-pilot” your lawn.

Currently, Robin is offering your first lawn mowing for only $15, so with the recent Summer rains, there is no time like the present to give them a shot.