BigDNT: Bridge Alliance

Texas is winning, and that much is clear. It is evident in the numbers; Texas is number 1 state with Fortune 1000 companies, at 107 and counting. In North Texas alone, 41 of those Fortune 1000 companies have their headquarters, located right here.

Need help getting in the door to work with a large corporation? Bridge Alliance has your back. Ken Koo, founder of Bridge Alliance pitched his company Bridge Alliance at Tuesday night’s Dallas New Tech.

Check out his pitch below to learn more:



“Make no mistake, my customer is the corporation, is big business.” Koo says. “But there is no cost to the startups, is why this model works. You don’t have money to spend to hire an executive, perhaps to get you into the door to meet with these corps. So what we try to do is remove that friction and breakdown that barrier.”

Bridge Alliance has already partnered with Chase, CBRE, DHD Films, and Dialexa to name a few, and doesn’t plan on stopping there. Those are the service partners, companies are partnered to help startups, whenever you are ready to take a project on, or to help the enterprise create a new project, to bring your technology or innovation into that organization. Bridge Alliance just needs you to let them know you exist. Register at to get started.

Bridge Alliance launched in January, and doesn’t specialize in one specific market or vertical.

“When you don’t know what you don’t know, is when you use the Bridge Alliance” Dial says. Bridge Alliance is open to working with any type of startup, across any specialization, because they are a keeper of knowledge, a research service. Corporations are free to browse and utilize their book, Connexion.

Connexion is the first book of B2B startup book of lists, and created by Bridge Alliance. Go to you’ll get a 30% discount, on the book of lists, because of Launch DFW and Dallas New Tech sponsoring. Use code LaunchDFW.