Makes Copying Your Favorite Instagram Likes Easy



Instagram is a social media platform that connects people through photos and tags, bringing together those who share similar interests and styles. Users scroll through photographs of those they choose to follow and can like the photographs that appeal to them.  With the ability to search tags, it is possible for the user to find individuals or businesses that interest them, creating marketing opportunities.  One local startup,, is capitalizing on the use of Instragram as a marketing tool and while they are in a very early product cycle, is already making waves. is incredibly easy to use, developed by rewardStyle, and allows the user to shop their favorite posts from their favorite Instagrammers.  After an easy sign up process, the person simply logs into their Instagram account and does the rest.  Anytime a person signed up with likes a photo on Instagram that has the tag or link, the service will send the user an e-mail with the links to purchase the items that are in the photo that they liked. is not just limited to clothing or jewelry, if a user sees a sofa that they must have or a rug they would like to buy, so long as there is the tag, they can receive that information to their e-mail.

This new service eliminates the need for people to constantly be asking on photos “Where did you get that,” or having to dig up links to the items in the photo in order for others to purchase. As Instagram only grows more popular is an easy way to copy your favorite looks without the hassle of finding the link for them.

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