VisioSound Receives TechFW Impact Award for Revolutionary Language Accent Software

Today was a big day for VisioSound who received an award at Tech Fort Worth’s Impact Awards.  VisioSound was formed on the campus of the University of Texas as Arlington, creating software that will be used to help the individual master a native-sounding accent in a foreign language that they are learning.  The software, known as the Visual Accent Trainer, will allow the user to sound like they are a native speaker, opening doors that would otherwise be closed due to their outsider status.

The software will be easy for users to engage, unlike traditional language learning software that requires the use of a headset, and the occasional frustration when it comes to mastering the accent of a foreign language.  The software being created by VisioSound will allow the user to, through their cell phone, perfect their pronunciation by using visual cues to measure progress in replicating the sounds being learned.

The software, which is installed on a mobile device and not a computer, makes it easy for users to master the language they would like to learn. There is no frustration with unnatural headsets and software that is not designed to help the learner speak like a local.  The real world application for the software is incredible, from students mastering a second language to proficiency to professionals working across national barriers.

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