PinnStation’s First Tech Taco Tuesday Event Launches the Coworking Space Into Arlington’s Ecosystem

PinnStation is a brand new co-working space in Arlington that is meant to help those that typically work from home or from the coffee shop.  While working from home or the local Starbucks may work for some people, others may struggle with the noise, lack of a dedicated work space, or the need for tools such as printers that are not readily available, are expensive, and can block productivity.

PinnStation, as a co-working space, offers the feeling of accountability because people are not working entirely alone, left to their own devices.  There is also the added benefit of the opportunity for collaboration from working around others with the same hard-working attitude and entrepreneurial spirit.  Scott Parsinen, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for PinnStation is currently in his own A Round for his startup, Parsinen Dental Ventures, putting him in the unique position of relating to those working at PinnStation.

Arlington is fortunate to not just have PinnStation, offering a co-working space, but Scott also highlights the University of Texas at Arlington’s Startup Lounge an entrepreneurial center where innovation is cultivated.  Arlington now has two spaces that offer a wide range of solutions to assist in the growth and development that small business need in order to be successful.

PinnStation held their first Tech Taco Tuesday event this week, where PinnStation introduced itself into the community around Arlington.  By inviting those from the community to gather and talk about the many issues in the field, PinnStation is creating a valuable tool for entrepreneurs and the community at large to gather and to share.  This week’s Tech Taco Tuesday featured breakfast tacos and coffee and a discussion on Raising Tech Entrepreneurs as well as programming pros and woes for those in the field.  There was also an enlightening discussion on how to grow the Arlington Startup ecosystem and how to better support the community with the goal of leveraging PinnStation to play a more prominent role in the startup ecosystem.