CreateGate, the Social Network for Dallas Creatives, Launches Today

Dallas’ creative scene is about to get mobilized with the launch of a new app called “CreateGate” which aims to connect the city’s artistic community with local venues and fans.
Launching today, CreateGate can be thought of as a kind of extension of artists’ Facebook and Instagram accounts, explained CreateGate founder Merrick Porcheddu in an interview. It’s an exclusive, invitation-only social networking app for Dallas-based ‘creatives’ that’s designed to support and highlight the city’s most credible native talent. You can think of it as a kind of directory for artistic talent in the Dallas area. For creative artists, it’s a place to showcase their portfolios, promote events and sell items directly to their fans; for venues, CreateGate is a place to hook up with local talents, and promote their latest events; and for fans themselves, CreateGate allows them to find and book local talent, discover artistic things to do in Dallas and buy local goods from their favorite artists.
“We are not trying to replace your Instagram or Facebook account – rather, CreateGate is an extension of it, but for your artistic use only,” explained Porcheddu.  “We want to enhance the artists’ reach to the local consumer, while keeping the main news feed filled with beautiful, aesthetically pleasing posts…as opposed to your best friend’s kid’s vomit taking up prime real-estate on your feed. That always makes my thumb want to scroll a little faster.”
All kinds of artists can create a CreateGate profile, no matter if they’re photographers, designers, models, actors, culinary artists or something else. The only caveat is, first they need to qualify, which means requesting to join the network and having their work vetted by CreateGate’s curatorial committee. Once a creative has been approved, they can then go ahead and create their portfolio showcasing the best of their work, products for sale, and their availability for events and shows. Venues need to go through a similar vetting process, while fans can simply sign up as a “fanatic” without an invite in order to browse the network.
Despite just launching today, CreateGate already has its sights set on the wider creative world out there. The company has raised $465,000 in funding from investors like Unbridled Solutions, Photomadic, FISH Technologies, and United Properties Southwest, and will use this cash to spread its network beyond Dallas to other cities, with nearby Austin being first on the list. In addition, CreateGate plans to roll out an editorial magazine to supplement its app later this year. The magazine will be available in both digital and print format, and will feature the most influential creatives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.
CreateGate can be downloaded from the app store now.
Mike Wheatley