Introducing The Bar Cartist, Dallas’ Newest Startup

Jordan and Ashley Garrett launched The Bar Cartist on April 18th, a Dallas-based e-commerce startup.  The Bar Cartist helps their customers design and style their home bar or bar cart to reflect their personalities and taste and to find everything that they need, minus the liquor, in one place.  Utilizing products from artisans from around the world, The Bar Cartist offers handmade, high quality items that will impress any guest or customer while also sharing their work, and their passion, with a larger audience.

The idea for The Bar Cartist was born out of Jordan and Ashley’s own experience while creating their wedding registry.  Both avid fans of the bar cart, and wanting to feature their own bar cart in their new home, they found it was impossible to purchase everything to stock their bar cart from just one retailer.  When they did find a retailer there was not enough variety, and the cost far too high, to meet the style needs of a larger audience.

Enter The Bar Cartist, offering a wide range of products, with many styles and influences, created by artisans passionate about their craft.  The e-commerce startup offers shoppers everything they would need for the perfect bar cart or home bar setup, at an affordable price while also leveraging artisan talent that may otherwise have gone overlooked.  The couple’s desire to leverage their artisans can be found on their website, where each month they tell the story of one of their artisans offering a behind-the-scenes look at their operation and creating a connection between the shopper and the craft.

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  • James Zhao

    Jordan I want one of these for my house!

  • Jordan Garrett

    James Zhao, let me know if you need any help picking out a bar cart!

  • James Zhao

    Jordan I’ll be in Dallas in June or July. Can I see one in person?

  • Jordan Garrett

    James Zhao I’ll send you a message

  • Launch DFW

    Jordan Garrett That’s why we do it. 🙂

  • Jordan Garrett

    Launch DFW Thank you for all of your support! I truly appreciate it 🙂

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