Changing Careers, Building Connections, and Taking Risks as a Recipe for Success

We all have probably had moments in our careers that we wish we could quit our jobs, start over, and follow our passion into our dream career.  This may not be as far-fetched as it seems, as Mike Mathew experienced.  The former educator and band director from Dallas relocated himself to Austin in order to attend coding bootcamp at The Iron Yard.  Writing on his blog it is evident that Mike faced many challenges that are common for those that change careers, offering a timeline of his experience.

As a husband and father, his educator wife had to take on the burden of being both mom and dad for 12 weeks, while Mike was in Austin studying and learning.  It is impossible not to reflect on the many people who Mike has met throughout his journey into his desired career field.  During the summer of 2015 he met Chirag Gupta, of LaunchDFW, at a meet up at nōd Coworking, not knowing that in a few short months this connection would help him to find the job to launch his career.

In November 2015, immediately following Mike’s graduation, Gautum told Mike about a position with Call-Em-All located in Frisco and posted on LaunchDFW’s website.  Mike met Gautum through Chirag; and while he admits that he had been watching the website everyday, he had missed that post.  Quickly creating an application package, Mike went through the multi-step hiring process, and was officially an employee of Call-Em-All by mid-December.

Now, while he celebrates 13 weeks at CEA, he reflects on the path he has taken, calling this blog his “State of the Job” address reflecting on the surprising turn that his life took.  Accepting of the fact that just because he successfully completed a coding bootcamp does not mean he is done learning, Mike makes it a point to work at his coding skills every single day, and looking for more opportunities to get better and make more connections.  Yet, if Mike’s experience is evident of anything, it is that when a person is willing to work hard enough, their dreams, no matter how far-fetched, can become reality.

If Mike’s personal experience leaves you with questions about coding bootcamps, this blog offers useful information on some of the most successful coding bootcamps.

Harmony Tapper