Scrapped, the Brain Child of SMU Graduate Students, Enthralls Players at Dallas Start Up Week

Jason Bunnell had the opportunity to check out Dallas Start Up Week’s Game Day.  Part of the Video Game track, Game Day offered the opportunity for participants to check out games and gaming technology that is being demoed.  Of the many games and experiences that were offered, one game caught the attention of Bunnell, a game called Scrapped, a project out of Southern Methodist University’s Video Game Development program, Guildhall.

The game, available for download for the Windows platform here, is based on the robot, C23 that the player controls.  C23 is built in a factory, and then scrapped for not meeting the necessary criteria to go on living in the world it was created in.  After being scrapped, the robot is sent to what amounts to paradise, a land where the robots are free from the slave-like tasks it was expected to perform indefinitely.  It is the goal of the player to get C23 to paradise having to overcome many types of challenges and obstacles to get there.

Scrapped is a user-friendly game with a beautiful interface.  The rules and game play are simple, but it is still a fun challenge to play.  The robot powers, the mechanics of the entire game, are easy to learn and make sense so the user never really feels overwhelmed by inexperience.  While some games see a huge learning curve, Scrapped is meant for those who may not be hardcore gamers.

C23 is a lovable character, human-esque droid like being that its’ creators have decided not to employ.  Meeting a robotic light bug named Fritz, C23’s journey starts, creating a path for the player to traverse, getting C23 started on his journey to Robot Paradise.  The project itself is led by a team of 14 graduate students at SMU, and Scrapped is their capstone project.  The goal, which has been more than met, was to develop and create a short and polished gaming experience, going above and beyond expectations to include two musicians to offer players the total game-playing experience.  Scrapped is a unique game, offering users a fun game to spend some time getting lost in a world outside our own.

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