Agile Tortoise Breaks into iOS Games Top lists with Diced

Greg Pierce is the mastermind behind Agile Tortoise offering useful apps like Drafts, Tally, and Diced with an easy to use interface.  Located out of North Richland Hills, Pierce is tapping into a saturated market, but has set Agile Tortoise apart with clean, easy to use apps.

Diced is Agile Tortoises’ first foray into gaming, introduced on May 4 of this year.  An inexpensive game at only $0.99 and available for the iPhone and iPad, it only took a handful of hours for the app to be the top Dice game, and ranked number 14 in puzzles.  This addictive game has simple rules, and with no ads or in-app purchases, there is no need to worry about sky high surprise bills.

Drafts has been called one of the best note-taking apps available with MacWorld including the app on its annual Editors Choice list of 2013 and The Verge called it one of the best new apps for iOS.  Drafts allows the user to type messages, write ideas, store and use templates, and then use that text whenever it is ready.  When the user has completed typing their message or document, they can share it across their iOS devices, as well as save it to Dropbox and Evernote or post to social media platforms.

Agile Tortoise did not stop after improving mobile word processing.  LifeHacker wrote that Interact makes it easier to manage group contacts on iOS.  Created with the goal of improving upon the iOS user experience with Contacts making it easy to create, delete, and manage contact groups. Faster than the built-in iOS tools used to edit, delete, and manage contacts it is also possible to incorporate contacts from third-party apps, capability still not fully supported by iOS.

Tally is a fun app that allows users to keep count in an app that offers widget and Apple Watch support.  Apple World calls the app simple and useful, making it possible for the user to use without the need to keep their eyes on the device, ensuring accurate counts.

AppAdvice, and AppStorm both call Terminology a must-have dictionary app that is more than just the typical dictionary.  Along with offering the definition for the word  it also gives the user the ability to get more or less specific, and connecting the user to the Internet or other apps in order to get a better understanding of the term.

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