BigDNT: VaultMR

Walking into the doctors office can, at times, feel like being quizzed on your vital signs, or personal history, or in the case of rehab, your personal habits. It can feel like your doctor, nurse, and technician are not listening to you… or, better yet, that they are not listening to each other!

VaultMR, as presented by Soumen Bhattacharya at Dallas New Tech on May 3rd, has set out to change that by creating an electronic health platform that refocuses the care team on doing their jobs: patient care, but collaboratively.

With a private beta already being run in Arizona rehab centers, and Epic and Cerner (the Goliath healthcare IT providers), not playing in the rehab space, the company is poised to decrease recovery time for patients and increase collaboration among providers… and make money themselves!

Check out more about VaultMR at, or by watching via the video above.


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