Billions of gallons of water are used daily for irrigation. The average homeowner will use 20,000 gallons of water on their lawn per month. 50% of which is water wasted due to system errors and inefficiencies… to put this in dollars and cents that’s $30 per month ($360 per year), per homeowner, in an industry that has approximately 13.5 million homes irrigation systems…

Calculation: $4.9 Billion (that’s a B!) down the drain… along with a whole lot of wasted water.


Meet Sprinkl: connected irrigation and conservation technology for your old-school irrigation controller (yes, they integrate with all of them). A couple of buzzwords from Noel Geren’s presentation at Dallas New Tech on May 4th: cloud-based, integrated with local weather stations, customizable conservation rules, water-restriction compliant… Save money and water!

Could your lawn get any cooler? Probably not. With Sprinkl it will be entirely comfortable. (Dallas heat pun?) Check out the video above for more information on how simple Sprinkl is to install.

  • Debra has spent her career building, scaling, and managing operations in start-up organizations. Companies such as Inside Sports & Entertainment Group, SCVNGR/LevelUp, Visible Measures, and High Start Group have used Debra’s enterprising energy to facilitate their exponential growth.

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