BigDNT: Goodz

When you do a Google search for a product, how often do you scan past the first page? (That is if you even make it through the first page.) When it comes to marketing, “Cash is King.” But, does it have to be that way?

Goodz, a product built out of the Guild of Software Architects, is looking to change that. Goodz, as presented by Kevin Harris at Dallas New Tech on May 3rd, is a messaging app that helps connect actively searching buyers of goods and services with small businesses who are eager to sell but lack a significant online presence.


Contrary to popular belief, this is not another Ebay. Sellers don’t upload pictures, type out descriptions, or set prices. They answer category questions. Buyers go to Goodz to make a request to a category that sellers then choose to engage with or not. Looking for an original Decepticons Transformer? Post it to category of sellers!

Goodz is working on an MVP and has a list of needz/wantz/desirez to share. To learn more watch the video above.

Mark Hopkins