TECH FW Announces Four New SmartStart Clients


One of the programs that TECH Fort Worth offers is the SmartStart program which offers assistance for entrepreneurs needing help with their business format. The purpose of SmartStart is to offer guidance through bi-weekly meetings and is an opportunity for business owners to engage early adopters, create prototypes, and test market the new product or service which are important steps to better creating successful enterprises.  TECH Fort Worth has announced four new clients to their SmartStart program, which will ideally culminate to their moving on to the FastForward program to further grow and develop.

Aeroblaze Laboratory, under the helm of Andrew Feghali, seeks to test the flammability of materials used in the aerospace industry.  Aeroblaze intends to slowly expand their testing capabilities, starting with Bunsen burner and oil burn tests and moving on to more advanced tests such as heat release and smoke density.  Using standards based on the FAA and issuing FAA certifications Aeroblaze will offer quick approvals for its clients, creating value for the organization.

AyuVis Research is the brainchild of Dr. Suchi Acharya and is an early stage drug discovery bio-pharmaceutical company that seeks to operate collaboratively.  AyuVis’s goals include developing drugs to counteract hyper-inflammation and infection risks due to sepsis and similar destructive inflammatory disorders.  With the goal of first offering its medications to veterinarian patients and then to human use, it is expected that Phase II clinical trials will start within three years.

Dynofit, Inc is going to revolutionize the physical therapy field to help support and encourage better patient outcomes and to lower costs for post-surgery rehabilitation.  The first product offering of Dynofit uses a electromyographic (EMG) sensor that is worn on the skin.  This sensor transmits information to an application on the mobile device where it then provides information to their care provider to make decisions regarding patient care.

VisioSound Incorporated is developing multiple applications to help users learning a foreign language perfect their pronunciation.  CEO Jodi Tommerdahl is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, offering her unique insight into the value such an app creates.  VisioSound is developing personalized tools for those learning foreign languages and will be available on all smart phones and tablets, across operating systems and brands.

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