Join Us for May Dallas New Tech: #BigDNT

Join us May 3 at the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library for Dallas New Tech (#BigDNT).  Here you will find opportunity to share in discovering some of the newest, freshest tech in DFW with our start-up and established business communities.

If this is your first venture into Downtown Dallas or you hope to arrive using public transportation/rideshare opportunities, please reference our guide to getting to downtown Dallas.

Presentations on the event schedule include:

The Guild Of Software Architects

The Guild Of Software Architects is a code bootcamp, and modern technology guild reinventing the concept of apprenticeship. They offer code bootcamps, and apprenticeship training to help people who are looking to make a career switch, get started in the field of mobile development for smart phones, tablets, and wearables. They currently offer developer training for the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android. | Twitter: @TheGuildSA



Sprinkl develops next-generation connected irrigation and conservation technology for residential and commercial properties through cloud connectivity and Bolt-on watering savings for your existing irrigation controller.

Solugen uses biology to convert CO2 into high value chemicals by challenging the traditional, capital intensive approach to peroxide production. Their safe and environmentally friendly technology allows for the production of ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide 20x more cheaply than current methods. | Twitter: @sprinkl_io

Inception Lighting

Inception Lighting began enhancing homes, businesses and municipal buildings with weatherproof, permanent, outdoor lighting systems in 2012. Those systems blend seamlessly into existing architecture, replacing temporary holiday and decorative lights with beautiful, long-lasting, cost-saving LED lighting that can be easily customized as the home owner or building manager chooses on location or through Inception’s proprietary cloud-based IoT platform. | Twitter: @InceptionSales


VaultMR is the electronic health platform specifically designed for therapy, that frees providers to concentrate on patient care. VaultMR provides clinical software tools that are simple, intuitive, and secure. By eliminating silos, VaultMR creates true collaboration among clinicians within their care teams. | Twitter: @VaultMr

Skill Silo

Skill Silo provides live 1-on-1 tutoring via videoconferencing. Students log on to their website, choose a subject, a professor, a time that fits their needs, and from anywhere in the world connect with their professor via live 1-on-1 videoconferencing. | Twitter: @SkillSilo


Kate Morgan