Emiola Banwo and Ryan Mcmahon Awarded Google Internet of Things Technology Research Award

Emiola Banwo was awarded, along with Dr. Ryan McMahan, a Google Internet of Things Technology Research award.  Emiola, a senior at the University of Texas, Dallas and Ryan, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, received a grant to purchase the hardware and software necessary to turn UT Dallas into what he called a living laboratory.

Emiola and Ryan will lead teams of students to develop solutions that they have designed and through collaboration with Google will test the solutions with the ultimate goal of having their research published in a conference journal. The collaboration will offer the students at UT Dallas an incredible opportunity to expand upon what they are currently learning and apply those concepts in a meaningful way.

This outstanding opportunity that Emiola has created for his students, is not his first foray into encouraging and developing student achievement.  Emiola is the former President of the UT Dallas Entrepreneurship Club that connects students with the DFW start-up community to develop and cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit while they develop academically. Some of the partners of the Entrepreneurship Club include Launch DFW, and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

Harmony Tapper