California Retail Analytics Startup Dor Accepted by Dallas-Area REVTECH Accelerator Program

California-based retail analytics startup Dor has joined XClaim Mobile as part of an early selection for their summer accelerator program. The company will be in Dallas for an extended period after a March visit proved itself fruitful. That’s because there’s a lot going on in the Dallas other municipalities just can’t offer.

Dallas offers a unique environment that concentrates the largest number of retail and restaurant ventures headquartered in the United States. The kinds of connections happening in this environment can only happen here. As a region that several entities have called out as being the next tech hub to rival Silicon valley, it’s good to know there’s already an infrastructure in the area that makes everyone involved stronger.

Being strong is key. REVTECH’s program is about so much more than simple business acceleration. It’s the way the pieces come together in any program that makes it work.

The vital element that makes growth and profit happen is forming connections. Michael Brand, Dor’s CEO, formed ten vital relationships and picked up a roughly a half-million in commitments in just a week of being here as a part of REVTECH’s “graduate program,” and as an attendee of the Tech Trends conference.

It’s actually pretty easy to see why awesome out-of-state companies would be willing to brave a hot Texas summer.

REVTECH pulls mentors from network of over 90 companies with strong backgrounds in VC, Retail, and Entrepreneurship to connect with, and help quickly accelerate companies.  All mentors have a significant connection to retail, whether through direct investment, experience in a c-level position, or being part of building substantial retail-tech companies.

This particular acceptance is of interest because Dor is the first smart retail analytics system to be accurate, affordable and incredibly easy to install in virtually any store.

With Dor, retailers can track and analyze the traffic in their store without the significant installation & management costs of many other similar technologies.  The device can be installed by to any door, without a significant amount installation time.

Businesses can be run more efficiently and also gain significant insight about their customers through Dor’s advanced data analytics. The technology also offers several insights to help retailers to justify increases to sales and staff payroll by knowing what hours of operation have the highest rate of consumer traffic.

There are five spots left on the REVTECH roster, it will be interesting to see who gets pulled in.

Kate Morgan