Startups Helping Startups: How One Entrepreneur Can Get Your Idea to Market Faster

In the beginning, there were startups. Then there were startups that sprang up to help other people with ideas build better startups. By the way, many people think the word, “startup” describes only IT businesses, but actually, a startup can be any new business started from scratch by an entrepreneur. Like a cosmetics line. Enter Factory Glam, a startup that helps people launch their own cosmetics businesses from scratch.

Founder and CEO Tyzza Macias is a veteran in the beauty business with a career that started at beauty school and led her to coveted gigs at New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. She has since put her brushes down and now focuses solely on the consulting, manufacturing, and distribution aspects of the business.

Factory Glam is a full service launching pad for people with good ideas, but perhaps less capital than the large manufacturers are looking for. “It was difficult to start your own cosmetic line, because a lot of these manufacturers and these laboratories don’t want to talk to an individual if they don’t have huge capital,” Macias told attendees at Dallas Startup Week. She said that the company offers an option to develop your own private formulation or use developed formulas for your own private label-the latter of which can be done for as little as $450 to start, a figure she calls “unheard of.”

You can start by emailing the company, setting up an account, and ordering a sample kit. Factory glam walks you through every stage of launching from research to pricing and distribution. Macias says they have relationships with department stores and trade shows that entrepreneurs can leverage to get exposure for their products. She says that their model of “in-house production without the overhead” is novel for the cosmetics industry.

Can we look forward to this sort of thing coming to the industry you’re trying to break soon?


R.D. Danes