Less is More: The Surprising Way to Reach More People With Media

The internet and social media in particular have made going where eyeballs are, AKA advertising, accessible to many people without big marketing budgets. And that’s a good thing, but the pay-per-click Facebook advertiser faces the same old problems as huge corporate entities: Finding the right eyeballs in the right place at the right time.

At Dallas Startup Week, a panel of speakers talked with the audience about evolving media and how to leverage them to win business. Knowing what your doing in the marketing and lead gen space is crucial for “solopreneurs” who typically have little time to devote to it with everything else they are juggling. Panelist Dr. Letitia Wright, co-host of The Wright Place, talked about all the digital channels springing up to offer ways to reach coveted eyeballs. Wright said that as high-tech and digitized everything is getting, one constant remains, “People still need quality, quality content, so think about the content that you can create.”

Another panelist, Jessica Nunez, founder of TruePoint Communications, advises entrepreneurs to find out who writes about their field and reach out to them. “It is about building a relationship, not servicing your agenda. So try to go at it from that standpoint-that you want to have a long term relationship-and you’ll really get more out of it,” she said.

All guests agreed that, paradoxically, the best way to reach more people is to target your message and whittle down your demographic to a very granular level. When you say everything to everyone, the effect is really saying nothing to no one. Nunez advised creating an imaginary customer or client, giving them a personality, a lifestyle, activities, hobbies, even a name. Soon you’ll start to figure out where they are and what they’re doing and start finding the right eyeballs at the right time.