Making IoT Development Accessible and Practical | #DSW16

One of the many presentations available to attendees during Dallas Startup Week was one that focused on the current state of developing for the Internet of Things (IoT). Hosted by Adrian Fernandez, microcontroller development experience manager at Texas Instruments, the segment addressed the quickly-spreading model of rapid prototyping for IoT apps, as well as how to build a connected product from the ground up.

As a simple demonstration, Fernandez had an LED scroller cycling through the latest tweets, which included the #DSW16 hashtag, a way of showing what he described as “bridging [the] two worlds – using hardware … but then also interacting with cloud services like Twitter and using the APIs that they expose.”

Among other topics covered by Fernandez’s presentation, he touched on how “most applications, most products, are made up of [the] same building-blocks, and a lot of the differentiation comes through software,” as well as how Texas Instruments is trying to bring development capabilities to as broad a userbase as possible. Beyond that, he noted how traditional enterprises are beginning to adopt the process of iterative rapid prototyping and ways of linking capabilities of diverse cloud services from multiple companies together for greater effect.

With real-time demonstrations of how these apps and functionality can be assembled, the presentation gave practical instances of ways to look at and interpret the tools being developed for this realm of the tech landscape.

To observe these for yourself, watch the video above.

Gabriel Pesek