Growing Client Relations for Enterprises | #DSW16

Among the presentations during Dallas Startup Week, one that took place was a seminar that focused on how to build solid client foundations. The presentation was given by Fred Felcher, co-owner of the Marcole Design Group, a software development consulting firm. Felcher provided advice and guidance on the pitfalls of client relations based on his own experience in the field.

While Felcher dove in to the deeper and more specific instances later in the segment, he began by laying out some of the most fundamental steps toward achieving the goal of reliable client relations. Some of these were aimed at freelancers, but there were aspects applicable to virtually every enterprise in a similar position.

Points covered included the need to set up systems for managing infrastructure and employee needs; the way in which freelancers still need to concentrate on the business side of their work and not just getting the jobs done; avoiding the inclination to let bad attitudes pull your own behavior down; presenting the best work possible to a client to improve the odds of repeat business; and being sure to keep clear lines of communication open with clients.

For more information from Felcher’s session and to hear his points in full detail, watch the video above.

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