Emphasizing Strengths When Commercializing Tech Solutions | #DSW16

Dallas Startup Week included an impressive presentation that addressed the financial side of operations, as shared by Gary Wetzel, CEO and cofounder of Form.io, which focuses on engineering serverless data management workflow. In his section of the event, Wetzel outlined things to aim for, as well as things to avoid when attempting to commercialize the tech solutions of one’s company.

Early on, Wetzel cautioned against the trap of thinking that technology is at the center of a business. As he put it, “No matter where you stand in a company, there’s a way to rationalize that you are the essential engine of the company.” Wetzel moved from there to emphasize recognizing critical success factors, tangential to the technology, which can lead to commercializing it, as well as being sure to prepare thoroughly for presentations to investors.

The process of building a strong strategy for these investor presentations received significant attention, as in Wetzel’s words, “It’s the exact things that you don’t like about your investor presentation that are the keys to the success of commercializing your product.” Wetzel also highlighted that as “the team matters,” starting an investor presentation by talking about your product is a bad move, while working to speak in terms that customers can understand and recognizing that you’re not the first to approach possible investors are practices that often lead to better results.

To hear Wetzel’s presentation in full, watch the video above.

Gabriel Pesek