Defining Goals in Hiring New UX Designers | #DSW16

During Dallas Startup Week, Brandon E.B. Ward, creative director for Precocity, LLC, shared a presentation on how to make good selections when hiring user experience (UX) designers. Among the topics covered were what sorts of questions to ask, what sorts of focuses to avoid, and how to build common goals and methodologies.

Ward highlighted establishing the designer’s primary goal as the key question to ask, stating, “If you don’t sync up here, there’s not much reason to continue the conversation.” Also picked out as important points of concern were qualities of empathy, curiosity and humility; avoiding designers who are too attached to their own design plans; seeking skills of negotiation, mediation and bridge-building; and the emphasis on comfortably working with the business, the users and the technology at their disposal.

While drawing on the skills of every member in the team of the company or brand is essential, the goals laid out by Ward are intended to provide a clearer and more effective way of strengthening those resources.

To hear his primer in full, watch the video above.

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