How to Build a Successful Application in Four Words | #DSW16

Startup entrepreneurs often find themselves up to their knees in tricky decisions about how to give their idea legs and make it a reality. Luckily, there is a North Star to follow that will make all those questions a lot easier to answer, and it’s this: Get it to market. The fastest and easiest way to get it in front of users is always the right way, according to Don Archer, CTO of ACA Express, a health insurance solutions company.

Archer talked to audience members during a Dallas Startup Week presentation about the pathway of development, along with Kirk Ballou, CEO of Touch Titans, an app agency in Dallas. Ballou touched on the importance of understanding your client/server and working with what you have knowledge of, if possible.

“Whatever you’re comfortable coding in, I would say go that path,” he said. Even if you’re paying developers, he said, understanding the code can be helpful if snafus come up later.

“We’re all about startup culture, but the real point is getting it to market,” Archer said. He maintained that the brightest developers are still lacking without the aid of user feedback to guide them. As soon as you put your app in front of users, he said, “they’re going to tell you how it really needs to work, what it really needs to do.”

He urged attendees to Google “Minimum Viable Product” if they don’t know the term already, and stressed, “The biggest recommendation I have there is to get it in front of users as quickly as you can.”

Watch the video above to learn more.

R.D. Danes