Bringing Health Access to Users Through Mobile Devices | #DSW16

The first segment on Thursday during the Dallas Startup Week event was a breakfast session in the monthly Pulse series of presentations, with featured speaker Homero Rivas, MD, MBA, director of Innovative Surgery and assistant professor of Surgery at Stanford University. The theme of the session was mobile health (mHealth), a grouping for the use of apps on mobile devices to keep users networked with health solutions and medical databases.

Dr. Rivas was preceded by Jack Hooper, CEO of Take Command Health, a startup that, in his words, is working “to position ourselves as kind of the unbiased, data-driven ally to consumer[s] looking for a health plan.” As Hooper outlined how the startup’s business model was shaped, he explained how they were aiming to tackle of the problem of people picking health care plans that were not as well-suited to their needs as they could have, as well as the significant extra cost subsequently incurred, by helping users understand the full range of options available.

Once Dr. Rivas took the stage for his section, he outlined the key objectives of his presentation as learning about the inefficiencies of medicine’s business model, the characteristics of successful innovation, the “profile of successful innovators and entrepreneurs,” and finally addressed “how to bring digital health to the masses and improve access to care.”

Between the two presenters and the mediation of the Pulse’s Cofounder/CEO, Hubert Zajicek, the session covered wide ground on its topics.

To hear the presentations in full, watch the video above.

Gabriel Pesek