Lights, Camera, Fashion: Video Branded Content Is the New Black | #DSW16

Blogging is about content, but the new trend is video. At Dallas Startup Week, a panel of YouTube/Vloggers in the fashion and entertainment industries came together to discuss the trend for fashion video and getting their brand message out.

The panel was comprised of Jaleesa Howard of, a college student and one of the top bloggers in cosmetics and fashion; Vanna Collings Cottingham of The Vanna Collins Show,, one of Dallas’ top video entertainment bloggers; and Vashti Patrick Joseph, the creator of the award-winning beauty and lifestyle blog

Written vs. video blogs

Recognizing that advertisers are pulling back from traditional advertising, and video bloggers are becoming the highest paid bloggers in the industry, the panel was asked about written blogs versus video blogs.

Howard started out using the skills acquired in college to begin her written blog, but about two and a half years into her endeavor, she switched to using video content. She said that millennials are all about streaming videos, and with beauty videos, she receives better engagement, views and sharing.

Collings-Cottingham believes that with video, your target audience is more likely to share your content and introduce you to new audience members.

Patrick-Joseph thinks that leveraging video snippets on social media sites such as Facebook and then directing the viewer to her blog for the full video increases her reach and audience.

Developing content

According to the bloggers, it is important to “work your inbox” and reach out to companies to find out what is new and relevant. Howard explained, You need to “think like a marketer to stay on top of trends,” noting you must always be researching trending topics.

Time and money

How much time and energy do these women expend on the video blogging effort? For the most part, each beauty video can take between six and eight hours to produce and edit. Additionally, if you are representing a brand in your video, working with the company make it a longer process. Patrick-Joseph recommends batch videos filmed in one sitting to save time, as well as to develop content and push it out in intervals.

Getting noticed with SEO

Howard educated the audience about SEO and commented that there are free tools free available on Google to search keywords. She said to tag everything in your photos and videos and using titles is very important. If you don’t get the results you want, you can always change tags and titles at a later date.

Watch the video above to learn tips and tricks to grow your brand through video content.

Marlene den Bleyker