LASH Delivery Gets Larger, Serving up Food and Alcohol Direct to Your Door

Innovative alcoholic drinks-on-demand delivery app LASH Delivery is expanding its repertoire to include a whole range of delicious-tasting snacks and meals to go with its customary entrees.

LASH Delivery, which sponsored and helped provide drinks for the Dallas Startup Week closing party, is a name that’s already familiar with many a Dallas-based drinker. The company burst onto the scene back in 2014 with the ultimate service for those who’re too lazy or too busy to pop down to the liquor store themselves.

It began life as a simple “spirits delivery” app, but cofounders Manil Uppal and Arshaad Mirza quickly realized that the majority of wine drinkers require a satisfying meal to go with their favorite tipple. As such, the pair have spent the last few months sorting out partnerships with over a hundred of Dallas’ most famous restaurants and grocery stores in order to become the first dual food and alcohol-delivery service in the area.

“We saw a need in the on-demand spirits and food-delivery space for an offering that delivers it all to your door in one order,” said Mirza. “Now, North Texas residents can order dishes from multiple restaurants and spirits to pair with those entrees in just a few clicks on the app.”

One reason LASH Delivery is so popular is that the company operates its own logistics network, with its own fleet of delivery vehicles and drivers, as well as crowdsourced delivery assets that ensure a delivery is never late.

LASH Delivery’s list of partners is now so extensive that the company claims over 3,000 beverage products to choose from, all of which can be delivered straight to your door in a matter of minutes. By including food in its deliveries, LASH claims to be the only on-demand delivery app in Texas that’s able to bring customers both something to eat and something to wash it down with at the same time.

LASH currently delivers to 13 cities in Texas, across Austin, Dallas and Houston. Deliveries are available from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., seven days a week, for a flat fee of just $5, plus an extra $2 for each extra shop/restaurant visited.

Mark Brown