Staying True to Brand Identity in International Expansion | #DSW16

A session of House of Genius formed one of the many presentations during Dallas Startup Week, bringing together innovators from diverse business areas. The format of House of Genius is an invitational discussion group intended to address problems from established startups that have moved past the launch portion of their enterprise and found themselves grappling with new difficulties. Introductions are limited to a first-name basis to build an atmosphere of equal consideration for the ideas of all speakers, with full introductions and backgrounds revealed at the end of the session.

The main presenter for this session was Matt Alexander, founder of two local brands: Need, a men’s magazine with community outreach engagement, and Foremost, an affordable American-made clothing line for men and women. With a planned roll-out of various services and features designed to draw in the target demographic of men and women ages 18 to 24 from a long list of nations, the brands are now looking to expand their range to older audiences.

The issue posed by Alexander was how they could achieve this goal while retaining an authentic brand identity, noting, “With scale, that’s already in jeopardy.” The other side of the question was how to do this without inundating their customers with promotional material and consequently lessening fondness for the companies.

The discussion led to a thorough testing of the brand ideas from dozens of angles, with contributors’ comments sparking new thoughts and questions from each other.

To see the full set of interactions, watch the video above.