Finding the Path to Dependable Venture Capital | #DSW16

During a Dallas Startup Week event, Ryan Roberts gave a presentation on Common Seed and Venture Capital Deal Terms that intended to help sort through raising capital, with a particular focus on what that situation is like in Dallas. A self-described “venture attorney” and partner of the Roberts Foster LLP firm, Roberts provided a breakdown of economic and control terms, seed capital, convertible debt and equity, venture rounds, and other aspects of raising funds for startup companies.

Roberts also took time to answer questions from attendees during the presentation, with a grounded and experienced view informing what he described as “trying to … provide some realistic perspective about what’s going on.” Part of that discussion led to pointing out commonly encountered pitfalls and unfavorable negotiations, occurrences that Roberts described as tricking far too many fresh enterprises.

With information that can help any fledgling company looking to build a solid financial base for itself, Roberts drew a number of questions from the audience.

To learn more about his answers and see the presentation, watch the video above.

Gabriel Pesek