Diagnosing Health Care Systems | #DSW16

Among the various presentations that took place during Dallas Startup Week, the Secrets of Health System Innovation panel offered information from a range of contributing speakers of diverse medical backgrounds. The list of panelists included Shawn Lovelady, Sr., director of strategic development at Children’s Health; Dr. Trisha Nguyen, president of the Texas Health Population Health, Education & Innovation Center at Texas Health Resources; and Dr. Carl Couch, VP of innovation at the Baylor Scott & White Innovation Center; with Dr. Hubert Zajicek, CEO of Health Wildcatters, moderating the panel.

The focuses of the panel included managing health care organization and community engagement, keeping pace with changes in the field and being proactive in devising innovations within a given group. There was also an examination of assorted systemic issues within the health care industry, such as the lack of integration, skewered by Dr. Couch with the hypothetical challenge: “Try getting three or four diseases going at the same time and see how well integrated the system really is.”

The panel covered many other topics, with each of the panelists providing personal perspectives on each other’s ideas, addressing questions from attendees and the moderator, and in the process sharing an in-depth mining of their shared experiences.

To hear those in full, watch the video above.

Gabriel Pesek