VaultMR Takes Innovative Startup Idea to a Five Hospital Contract in 18 Months

Sometimes, paperless isn’t just a pipe dream. Implementing electronic processes can be an honest relief for entire industries that have not yet transitioned to being fully digital.

An innovative idea for handling clinical software for this purpose has taken Plano, Texas-based VaultMR, a noteworthy medical records startup, to new heights. But the idea behind Soumen Bhattacharya’s powerful, web-based, easy-to-use, interoperable platform is about more than saving trees. It’s about saving and improving the quality of lives.

Bhattacharya doesn’t just want professionals to document patient care in a better way. He wants them to be able to personalize and delight in it as they use VaultMR’s products. Bhattacharya seems to have struck a cord.

As its products prompt healthcare providers to document patient’s journeys through rehab more intuitively, the 18-month-old company has altered how physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech language pathologists deliver patient care through using a human focus.

“After launching with our first hospital, we have made vast improvements based on our human-centered design principles,” said Bhattacharya. “Our users realize that we focus on the ‘human’ experience. There are other vendors around, but most clinicians are unhappy with what they have, particularly because most vendors are retrofitted for this market.”

This LLC has managed to change how hospitals are approaching patient care by focusing on two core tenets: simplicity and security. Vault’s products rest on fully secure HITRUST-certified cloud infrastructure in order to prevent sensitive health-related data from falling into the wrong hands.

The industry has taken notice. After success in its one-hospital trial, and a focus on clinical therapy services, VaultMR is expanding to take on a five-hospital contract and, hopefully, will garner more recognition across more fields. January 2016 marked the first of these five hospitals as VaultMR’s first beta customer.

Bhattacharya additionally employs several extra security measures, such as SSL encryption and at-rest encryption, to provide extra layers of security.

Launched in October 2014, VaultMR bills itself as an “electronic health platform for inpatient rehab medical professionals.” The company has been slowly expanding to include more hospitals and soon hopes to have its product also cover the field of nursing.

Kate Morgan