How Does Exposing Fears and Faults Lead to Greatness?

Michael Pratt, founder of Panamplify, stepped up to the Ignite DFW challenge to inspire the audience with his talk about the “Star in Our Faults.”

According to Pratt, the reference to “star” means our strengths and the “faults” are our vulnerabilities. He quoted French playwright Molière and said, “The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” As he sees it, our vulnerabilities are our obstacles.

Pratt related his experiences as a West Point cadet and explained that the school externalizes your vulnerabilities by breaking you down every way possible, even down to the haircut. However, Pratt said the institution does not address your inner vulnerabilities, which is your fear.

He uses examples of current West Point recruits to exemplify the outer vulnerabilities and then talks about how two weeks ago, he shared his fears with his war buddies. He said that the reaction he received was the group sharing their own fears, which eventually garnered acceptance, which led to strength.

Watch the video above to hear his inspirational words meant to help you expose your faults and find your stars.

Marlene den Bleyker