How’d They Do That? The Stuff Success Is Really Made of

Why does following your dreams lead to stunning success for some but idleness and failure for others? Can we finally get to the bottom of this so that all of us can know the formula for making ideas reality? Business owner Ashley D. Stanley is certainly trying, and she spoke to attendees at the recent Ignite DFW about what her personal investigating and trial and error have uncovered.

Stanley said that one of here favorite quotes is, “The dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately.” Attributed to entertainer Tyrese Gibson, Stanley says she loves the quote because it prepares entrepreneurs for the reality of bringing an idea to life. She said that breaking your pursuit into parts is invaluable for making headway. After the idea comes up, the keyword is “implementation.”

How do you do it? Stanley offered some pointers. She recommends creating an “imagination map” as the first step to actualizing your idea. “Get a dosen magazines,” she advises, and then, “cut it all up and just use the symbols to override your critical thinking and put together something that really speaks to you.”

She also spoke about the major problem of doubt that plagues do-it-yourselfers, particularly the voices of naysayers freezing you. “Inventory yourself. Are you experiencing a fear, and does it have to do with that?” she advises.

Stanley acknowledged that the pressure of being in business for yourself does build up sometimes, and an outlet is necessary. “Whatever you do, cry it out, meditate, yoga, visualize your future, paint, blog, feel the emotions, but let it go,” she said.

Check out the video above to learn more.

R.D. Danes