Dallas on the Cusp of Greatness

Krista Nightengale, managing director of the Better Block Foundation, took to the stage at Ignite DFW 4 to inform us about the future of Dallas. “We are on the cusp of greatness, but we can’t screw it up,” she said.

She began by talking about where she grew up in a small town in Oklahoma and said she moved to Dallas after college. She had a one-year plan and then  wanted to go to Seattle or New York City because she was looking for opportunity, action and interesting people.

As she became part of the Dallas community, she realized that the action she was seeking was already here. The opportunity was around every corner and the people were amazing, she said, and Dallas became her home by choice because of it’s potential.

After talking to local leaders in the community, she heard some good ideas and bad ideas about improving the community. Ultimately, she discovered that we all need to get educated and involved. The areas citizens need to focus on are the state of education, the state of homeless, the state of poverty, the state of civic engagement (voting) and the state of neighborhoods, she advised.

Watch the video above and learn how by focusing on these areas, Nightengale hopes to make Dallas stronger.

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