Can an Abundance Adviser Help You Love What You Do and Still Pay Bills on Time?

You may have heard the word abundance used by New-Age types to refer to prosperity — presumably because the word “money” has picked up some bad energy, or something. It’s not just an abundance of lucre they refer to, but an abundance of fulfillment, happiness and love for what you do. Fair enough, but the realities of the marketplace can’t be blasted away with good vibes alone.

Enter Michael Carr, professional abundance advisor. He’s not a hippy-dippy morale booster who doesn’t understand value exchange in the real world. Yes, he did begin his presentation with an anecdote about John Lennon, but, he says, abundance advisers like him offer much more than inspirational pep talks.

An abundance adviser, according to Carr, is “someone who has a narrow focus on a very broad subject. It’s someone who helps people stand out in a crowd in terms of a commoditized world and helps people find their distinct appeal.”

The formula for achieving success for clients may involve sharing intellectual property, educational experiences and even professional contacts who could assist in bringing an idea into reality. Carr balances working from the heart with dealing with market trends and difficulties.

“It involves scarcity and the ability to frame scarcity and dictate value from that scarcity,” he explained.

Watch the video above to learn more.

R.D. Danes