Startup Profile: CancerQ Helps Cancer Patients Better Navigate Their Diagnoses

How can an app help people cope with a problem as severe as cancer? In the age of data, it’s just like the solution to any other problem. It’s really all about how people navigate the information.

CancerQ, the year-old Dallas-based startup that takes on the struggle of obtaining adequate, vetted patient-care and prognosis information after a cancer diagnosis, manages to blend the worlds of data between patient and caregiver experience and the best of patient-care publications.

When cofounder Zach Weismann and his brother Bradley lost their mother to pancreatic cancer, they felt the information they learned should be a part of a bigger picture that helps others. Zach began to formulate the idea after sitting down at a table during a meal while the family grieved. He recalls saying, “I just wish someone in this process had outlined everything,” as he began to draw a circle with his hand.

That’s when Zach began to envision “the wheel.” Zach explains it as eight fluid topics that pertain to the cancer journey that are different according to each patient’s circumstances. In order to craft this product that later became the main thrust of their website, the Weismanns partnered with cancer survivors, their families and noteworthy institutions like PanCan, MD Anderson and U.T. Southwestern.

This wheel takes the five best and strong resources for each stage of a cancer journey to comprise 40 hand-selected, vetted resources that a patient can use. Since screening information can take up so much of a patient’s time, this is a sincere benefit for the medical community and the patient care sides of the chronic illness equation.

Together, the brothers serve as cofounders and creative and technical lead, respectively, for their company.

CancerQ releases a new dashboard product on Wednesday, April 20, designed to help patients, caregivers, medical professionals and other parties vested in patient care track a patient’s journey at a launch party and healthtech networking event that will be held at Dallas coworking space, The Grove. Lift Creations, the local firm Zach chose to develop the Cancer-Q Dashboard in order to maintain a face-to-face collaborative relationship, will also be present.

Kate Morgan