Roger Wilco CEO Mark Hopkins Joins Dallas Entrepreneurs in Creation of “Mad Men”-Style Incubator Space Under Direction of Josh Stramiello, Broken Box Startup Founder

Mark Hopkins, CEO of Dallas instantaneous digital video production and content marketing firm Roger Wilco, recently announced intent to join forces in creating a collaborative space that aims to provide incubation capital and other support to Dallas startups organized by several Dallas tech companies under the direction of Josh Stramiello, Broken Box Startup founder. The intended goal of this space is to be a part of transforming Dallas into a thriving, business-rich environment that is more diverse in its offerings.

The hybrid private equity incubator attached to the space will offer companies rolling admission with an open-ended platform that is measured by KPI metrics. It is geared toward the vision that companies can reach to make the next level instead of achieving simple add value on a set calendar.

The space, which also features chess, poker, a screening area, and a full bar for entertaining and event hosting is designed to bring many companies together and assist them in operating together as a family. It envisions companies communicating and operating as one entity under various banner heads — providing startups everything needed to obtain revenue for their operations. Business consulting and universal assistance for businesses interested in accelerating growth will also be available.

This collaborative business approach is new. Critics might attest it is “unproven.” But it appears to be working to date — and various analysts believe it’s vital for some startup concepts to even see their true fruition. Being able to share advice, resources and the kind of knowledge that comes from experience can make new companies stronger as they approach their respective marketplaces.

It’s important to note the space is not “all work and no play.” It’s about entertainment too. A contract for reality show filming  in this space has already been inked. Apparently the “hip startup world” and “a Mad Men vibe” is something more than one market is ready to embrace. It certainly has the potential to be interesting for clients of all walks and needs.

Dallas-area firms Barista Ventures, DBG – Dollars Board Game, Duo – Design Unto Others, High Bandwith, and their respective business leaders are also involved in the creation of and contribution of resources to this space.

Kate Morgan