BlueCar Offers Drivers a Career, Not a Gig | #BigDNT

Jeff Hroncheck, founder of BlueCar, introduced his service as a dispatcher application for your smartphone during the Dallas New Tech event on April 12. Not to be confused with a central dispatcher like Uber, BlueCar uses a User Directed Dispatch Interface (UDDI) that allows you to save drivers you like and access them for a future ride. If you want to guarantee your safety, you can dispatch a driver you trust to keep you out of harm’s way.

Users can regulate the system themselves by weeding out unethical drivers and providing a choice not to request them in the future. Drivers on the platform must conduct themselves in an ethical manner and provide a good user experience because the user has the choice to call them again or not.

Hroncheck said that UDDI incorporates the found a ride apps and adds the ability to add a list of your own curated drivers and access them individually with the same conveniences. He said that by un-randomizing the system and giving users a choice will provide a more secure environment.

The app is targeting drivers by offering them a career opportunity instead of a gig, which will provide the stability that comes from a repeating client base. To see how the system works, watch the video above.

Marlene den Bleyker