New FinTech App May Give Brokers Some Competition | #BigDNT

Stock brokers have long debated the ingredients that go into lucrative stock picks. Some have maintained that only careful study and prudence provide long-term success, while others have argued that sheer luck is behind many investors’ fortunes. This seems like an world where the innovative new tech could pique interest, doesn’t it? Mometic founder Brent Gaynor thinks so, and his new application MOMO is generating buzz in the FinTech sphere. Gaynor joined the Dallas New Tech presenters on April 12 to talk about MOMO.

The application differs significantly from established platforms like E-Trade and Scottrade, according to Gaynor, in that it watches the entire market for spikes and dips rather than only the stocks you set in your watch list.

“What MOMO does is kind of looks at the top of the funnel. We’re providing the opportunities,” he says. So instead of simply churning the same stocks you’ve had on your list for months or years, MOMO alerts you when stocks you may never have heard of are on the rise.

In order to keep users connected to the pulse of the market, MOMO utilizes real-time streaming, crowdsourced StockTwits integration and extended hours integration. Real-time monitoring of international markets as far off as China keep investors aware of any activity that could affect their stocks for better or worse.

MOMO made a strong showing at this past Stocktoberfest, a FinTech event and made the list of top grossing FinTech apps a couple of times.

Watch the video above to find out more about MOMO.

R.D. Danes