Introducing Start-Ups to Trade Secret Details | #DSW16

During the Dallas New Tech event on April 12, Marcus Benavides, an intellectual property (IP) attorney, spoke on the topic of trade secrets to illuminate the various qualities that make them so useful to startup companies. Operating from the basis that all startups have some form of IP, though they may not even be aware of it as such, he explored ways in which these companies can best utilize these valuable property assets.

Highlighting qualities of trade secrets, such as their indefinite lifespan, the absence of a formal filing cost and the hidden benefits gained by maintaining their non-disclosure, as well as the advantages of publicizing the presence of a trade secret without actually disclosing it, Benavides provided an informative primer on some of the most notable aspects of trade secrets that may have been unknown to interested startups, as well as answered specific questions from attendees.

To learn more about the presentation and trade secrets, watch the video above.