BEVscore: Safety Through Information | #BigDNT

When BEVscore founder Joshua Stramiello was in law school, he experienced the loss of a family friend — a realtor who went to meet a client and never returned. This was the motivation behind his new product BEVscore, an app that authenticates the identity of the person you are meeting through a driver’s license and SMS.

The platform also uses geolocation technology to track the user’s meeting location. The app also follows up after the meeting to verify the user’s safety. Along with the safety checkup, after the user has met with a person, the company follows up with the parties to help build a character score of the person who was met.

The company is targeting three major verticals: real estate professionals, craigslist users and people using online dating platforms. Generally, craigslist users who are meeting with someone are purchasing a large-ticket item and carrying cash. For women realtors, they are more concerned about a potential dangerous meeting than they are with making the sale. For women using online dating sites, their biggest fear is that they may be accosted or hurt.

The app cannot prevent an abduction, but it can provide knowledge about the person the app user is going to meet. To hear more about the app and the go-to-market plans, watch the video above.

Marlene den Bleyker