Quikshow Brings Real Estate Agents-on-Demand to Dallas

Technology has transformed the real estate industry, with online real estate listings and digital documents services helping agents to ramp up sales like never before. But now technology is playing another role in real estate, helping agents to work with more clients than ever before while saving time and even making a bit of extra cash on the side.

Facilitating all of this is Quikshow, a new iPhone app for real estate pros that’s calling itself the “Uber of real estate.” One of the biggest problems of being a real estate agent is that they can’t be in two places at once, as much as they’d like to do. When working with multiple clients, it can cause agents a lot of headaches. All too often, agents find themselves outsourcing clients to other agents (and losing 50 percent of their commission) because they’re overloaded with work, or else they have to rush out of the home, away from the family, at a moment’s notice to go to another showing.

On the flip side, many real estate agents often find themselves in a lull, without any clients, which means they’re not making money.

Quikshow is able to offer relief to both overworked and under-worked real estate agents by letting agents hire other agents to do the legwork for them. The way it works is simple – the overworked real estate agent who’s in dire need of a break simply posts a job for a temporary showing agent on the app, and under-worked agents who need some cash can bid for the job. The selected agent then fills in for the other agent by showing one of their clients around the home they’re interested in. The agent who has the listing benefits from not needing to rush out, while the temporary showing agent gets a small paycheck in return for their services.

“As a fellow agent myself, you never know when you’ll receive your next commission check,” said Quikshow cofounder Adam Lucart. “Now agents can earn additional income during those lulls between deals or in their spare time.”

Having launched just last year, Quikshow is doing remarkably well so far. The app boasts around 700 real estate agent users, mainly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and Lucart says usage is rapidly growing. But the app’s reach is actually nationwide, and Lucart is keen to expand as quickly as he can, with plans to release an Android version and add “new features” to the app later this year.

“With the advent of Quikshow, agents can now earn income simply by opening doors for other agents while learning the business,” said Lucart. “This income should help more agents retain their licenses for longer, thereby lowering each broker’s turnover rate.”

Mike Wheatley